Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signature Book

Good Morning! It is so blah outside today, so i thought i would post a little something that i created for one of my coworkers this past week. Yesterday was her last day, she got a new job (better job). She was my favorite person there, and she was always so sweet to everyone. I hated to see her leave. So what we decided to do was put together a book of all the employees and all of our customers that come in the store to write something in this book. Telling the customers about it was difficult because everyone loves her so much and don't want her to go. Most of the customers are elderly so we would have to talk a little louder, we were scared that she was going to figure out what we were doing, but she didn't =). She loved it,  and she didn't want to quit reading all the messages from everyone. So here is the finished book. I forgot to take the picture before i left to go to work so i had to do it in the car 
; )

The inside of the book is plain white paper (with signatures)
  I forgot to take a picture, opps!
The outside it chipboard.
It is held together by the ribbon and staples(not seen) so it would not rip when opened.
For the Flowers i used George basic shapes cricut cartridge.

I used yellow card stock and then for the center flower i use Vera Bradley print from a magazine.( I love cutting pretty paper from magazines or books.) Its a good way to save money on paper =) 
And for the middle i just used a button threaded with pink string.

The Flower in the middle is just yellow card stock and a button in the middle with threaded pink string tied with a little bow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


So this is what i was thinking: I go to all different blogs all the time looking at other people's creations and crafty idea's and sometimes i get so into looking,  time just passes right on by me. So then something i end up not doing any crafts. So i finally have my own blog and i cant wait to start putting my projects on here. I'm really looking forward to finding new people who enjoy the same things that i do, and learning how to do all different things here on the blog. I'm super excited!!!!! Well Thats it for now, See ya next time =)